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A Thousand Words

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The girls and I stopped at Redbox to rent some movies and we picked Eddie Murphy’s “A thousand words”. In a nutshell Eddie’s character Jack finds that his life is linked with a tree. With each word spoken by Jack, a leaf would fall off of the tree. He had 1,000 words (leaves) left….. I won’t tell you anything more about the story line so I don’t ruin the movie but the big message to take away was that you need to appreciate every moment you’re given. That words aren’t always enough and that the little things count.

With all of the comings and goings in our everyday lives, we sometimes forget to push “pause” on life to stop an smell the roses. Now I don’t imagine that we’re all going to stop what we’re doing to find a rosebush or run to the floral department to smell a bouquet but instead of everyone parked in front of the TV zoned out on some reality show, go outside and run through the sprinklers or see what sorts of shapes you can find in the clouds. Turn off the TV and put away all electronics at dinner time and spend those precious moments finding out how one another’s day went, pull out a board game from the closet and have the whole family participate. Anything you can do to carve out that special uninterrupted time with one another will make you appreciate one another so much more.

In other words, allow yourself to be a child for a couple of hours… I mean don’t we spend enough time being adults?