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Well-stocked Pantry

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To throw together a quick meal for the family after a busy day, every kitchen should have some of the basic necessities:

Pantry Basics                                   Produce                                       Refrigerator Basics

All-purpose flour                                Celery                                            Eggs

Brown sugar                                        Garlic                                            Butter/margarine

Sugar                                                     Russet potatoes                          Milk

Olive oil                                                Whole carrots                             Sour cream

Vegetable oil                                        Yellow onions                            Cream cheese

Cornstarch                                                                                                   Parmesan cheese

Plain dry bread crumbs                                                                            Shredded cheddar cheese

Pasta and Grains                              Freezer Basics                            Shredded mozzarella cheese

Elbow macaroni                                 Frozen corn                                Herbs ans Spices

Penne pasta                                         Frozen cut green beans           Coarsely ground black pepper

Spaghetti noodles                               Frozen peas                                Chili powder

Instant rice                                           Frozen stir-fry vegetables       Crushed red pepper flakes

Bread                                                                                                             Curry powder

Canned or Jarred Goods                 Condiments                                Garlic powder

Beef broth                                              Balsamic vinegar                     Ground cayenne pepper

Chicken broth                                       BBQ sauce                                 Ground cinnamon

Tomato paste                                        Dijon Mustard                          Ground cumin

Spaghetti/marinara sauce                Honey                                         Ground ginger

Diced tomatoes                                    Hot sauce                                   Onion soup mix

Cream of celery soup                          Ketchup                                       Paprika

Cream of mushroom soup                Mayonnaise                               Salt

Peanut butter                              Taco seasoning mix


Soy sauce

Worcestershire sauce

Yellow mustard

About tinazeien

A little about me….. I’ve worked in healthcare a little over 18 years, 5 ½ of those years working with midwives. I love being involved with families that are expecting an addition to their family! Currently I am in school working towards getting my nursing degree so I can work in labor and delivery. From there I might go into OB ultrasonography. The whole pregnancy and child birth experience is so amazing I’m finding it hard to decide exactly what I want to be when I grow up! ☺ When I’m not working or putting my nose into text books, I spend as much time as I can with my daughters who are 14 & 18 years old (teenagers are quite an adventure!) I also enjoy spending time with friends and family. As I’m sure you’ve noticed by my weekly recipes, one of my biggest passions is to cook! I love spending my weekends finding new recipes to experiment with and playing hostess at my home. Most of the recipes I am going to try to post here are on the healthier side or geared towards vegetarians but I’ll also be sneaking in a few deserts here and there…. We all need a little decadence once in a while right?! I look forward to hearing if you have enjoyed these recipes as much as my family has! Bon Appétit ☺

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